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Hello, I'm
William King

Political Scientist, Psephologist and Writer


  • Name: William King
  • Email: wsk203@exeter.ac.uk
  • Phone: +44 07704 834779
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1989
  • Address: Exeter, Devon.
  • Nationality: United KIngdom

Professional Profile

I am currently working in academia and studying towards an MPhil in Politics at Exeter University, in the South West of England.

Resume available on request

Core Skills

More about my roles

Through working in academia and the wider commercial world, I have acquired a varied skill set ranging from research to writing papers. Part of my role has been to engage staff, alumni and current students to achieve a higher level of awareness within the Univeristy.


Major, 4 years plus


Advanced, 5 years


Major, 5 years

Social Media

Expert, 3 years


My knowledge base is varied from working in such diverse fields as publishing, academia, retail and charity. The skills I have are pronounced, and can be put to use for almost any academic or commercial project, and I would embrace the opportunity to do so.

  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Mixed method approach
  • Discourse analysis
  • The ability to use both electronic and physical data sources
  • Understanding of databases and journals
  • Written and vocal communication skills
  • The ability to present complex information simply and effectively
  • Able to work independently and within a team
  • Learning new skills and technologies quickly and able to work with limited supervision
  • Having the ability to communicate to a diverse range of people at all levels
  • Flexible while having initative and excellent organisational skills

Language Skills

I am a natural born British citizen, and correspondingly I can speak English absolutely fluently. I can read French to an intermediate level, and can understand and translate Latin to the same degree

English Fluent
French Intermediate


University of Exeter- April 2013-current

I have worked for the University in various roles since April 2013. I have worked with alumni with various departments, been one of the primary clerks of the International Admissions department, and I have worked as an Examination invigilator for both the Medical School and various other colleges. My work has involved me working with senior managers at the University as well as students and prospective undergraduates and postgraduates, illustrating how I am able to work well with all people and cultures. I also work with post-graduates and staff on a daily basis, representing my ease with working with all levels of the University hierarchy. Additionally, I worked in Student Records dealing with student loans, Student Finance England and the entire administration of the courses and students, both domestic and international. I have also been involved with organising contacts for business outreach and administering the ERASMUS programme, demonstrating my capability to work and thrive outside of my comfort zone. This is evident from my time working as a Resident Mentor for the University’s partner, INTO, where I lived within the Halls of Residence and ensured the physical welfare of the students, reporting back to the University daily regarding their safety. The wide breadth of work I have performed for the University demonstrates my wide capabilities, my willingness to learn and adapt to new situations, and my ease and skill in communicating face-to-face, on the telephone and digitally. As a result of my work at the University, I have been invited to many conferences and shows, including the SWDTC Politics Postgraduate Conference 2015, the UCAS HQ Conference 2014, and the University of Exeter Politics Postgraduate Conference 2015.

Ashdown Broadcasting

Social Media Editor

2012- April 2013
During this role, I began researching and writing various digital publications for the company. I edited various online sites and information systems, allowing me to learn how niches in the marketplace could be exploited with the tools of new media and technology. I was seconded to the United States’ office for October and November 2012 in order to learn this in another environment, which contributed to my ability to work outside of my comfort zone. When I was back in the UK, I was also responsible for sourcing material for the various publications that Ashdown produced, contacting various contributors, and ensuring the office ran efficiently with emergencies being swiftly dealt with.
Dept of Employment


In this internship, I wrote reports for the Education Secretary concerning various issues of the day that required investigation, I prepared presentations to senior civil servants on the subject of child safety on the internet, and I conducted an investigation into mobile phone access for children.
MN House of Representatives


I interned in Mayor Brede’s office for a period of time in July 2007, and I was exposed for the first time the workings of the United States mayoral system. It allowed me to survey how the workings of the American local government differed from that of the British Parliamentary system, which I had intimate knowledge of. I also worked with Randy Demner in July 2007, and seeing how his duties differed from both that of Mayor Brede and the British government was hugely fascinating.
House of Lords


In this role, I was the primary secretary for Lord Dholakia’s office in the House of Lords for a period of one month. I attended sittings in the House, I dealt with constituents and other Lords, I wrote and filed correspondence, I helped to organise meetings and write the minutes for meetings, and I saw how Parliament generally worked and how the House of Lords assisted in the running of the country. Watching Lords debate in the chamber about the great issues of the day was immensely illuminating, and inspired in me the passion for politics and public debate I still carry with me to this day.


Just My Education

Here is a small list of my academic achievements to date, the major establishments where I have studied and what I studied.

University of Exeter

MA by Research in Politics

2015 - current
I am currently working towards an advanced research MPhil degree in Politics at the University of Exeter, aiming to finish in 2017. My initial proposal is the study of disengagement in the British political system and an attempt to understand the causes of this effect. It is a work of 40,000 words, and I have been invited to two importnat conferences due to the strength of my work and study.
Oxford Brookes University

MA International Studies- Environment

2011 - 2012
Whilst studying at Oxford Brookes, I completed a 15,000 word dissertation critiquing neoliberal economic doctrine in Chile and, closer to home, the United Kindom. I was invited to present this paper in June 2012 at a conference to a large audience. Another paper detailing the theoretical implications that cvause over reliance on postmodernism received special note and has been considered for publication.
University of Exeter

BA History and Politics

2008 - 2011
My first degree was at the University of Exeter between 2008 and 2011. My dissertation was a detailed analysis on the subject of the Suez War. I also wrote papers on the negative effects of globalisation and the current United States healthcare system. which were both highly acclaimed and used as examples by my lecturers. On the strength of this degree, I was accepted for a postgraduate degree at Oxford Brookes.


Let's Keep In Touch

I am always looking to engage in new fields of study as well and keen for new challenges and opportunites. Please call or email me to get in contact.

William King
Devon United Kingdom.

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